2 years ago
Operation Book

So I am New to this planning fan project thing but if there’s one thing I’m good at is putting togheter stuff! And mail them! So here we go! 

The Main idea is to put togheter something like a scrapbook for Lana! As in: I’m gonna find a cute notebook and I’m gonna put togheter all the things you send me! What things?! I was thinking anything you’d want Lana to see, read, hear! So I’m gonna do a quick list of things that popped in my mind!


- Anything Feather related: as in pics, images, actual feathers (just assure it’s nothing gross), little feather object (just consider it has to be attached to a notebook, you’re talking to someone Who managed to pin a fresh red rose to a book and had it look great but  I won’t be able to do miracles) etc.


-  Quotes! Lana quotes you’ve liked, OUaT quotes, anyone elses quotes you’d like to share with her for any particoular reason! 


- FanArts! It MUST have been done by you! Obviously they’ll have to be printable ones, but they can be anything Lana related you want! 


- Personal writing: as in anything you’d like to say to her, why you love her or how she inspires you, a question you would really like to ask her (Who Knows if she’s gonna find a way to reply to them).


- Postcards : you can send Postcards from where you live or where u’re born, where u’re on vacation! As long as you think she would like it!


- Photos: of you’re face! You and ur friend! You and ur family watching Once! U and ur pet watching once! U and something feather related that makes u think abt Lana! If you are one of the lucky lucky people Who met her and took a photo with her, I kinda hate you (joking…no not really), but you still can send that pic if you would like for Lana to have it too! ( I’m one of those people who still thinks that a shared printed photo is so much more than a shared emailed photo)


- Songs: as in lyrics of songs, titles of songs, and if there’s enough of them maybe I’ll burn a CD with the Fan playlist! 



- Anything else you can think and that can be put INTO a notebook! Just ask and share so we’ll se if we can manage! 



- Everything you send has to have your name on it! As in every separated piece of paper etc etc. I am good (my iPod dictionary corrected that with “God” just so u know how good I really am!) at organazing stuff but even God managed to mix the Wrong things right?! So  things with a name on them are safe! Name= it can be’ your full name, or your Twitter name or your Tumblr hurl as long as it’s only yours and it’s the same in every piece you send :) 

My idea is to make a page or two (depending on the size of the notebook I’ll use) for everyone of you! So everything you’ll send will be on your page, with name, Twittname, Tumblr name, email (all the contacts you give me) and your actual postal adress! If you don’t want some of them to appear on the notebook you just have to tell me (with a note in the letter u send me) and I won’t write them! 


- I’m gonna set a deadline to join the project, after that date I’m gonna see how many we are and set a physical limit for the things u send like: everything that can fit into a A4 page! After that day people still can join I only need it to see how many we are! 

I’m then gonna set a Deadline to send me all of your stuff!


WAYS TO LET ME KNOW YOU’RE IN: send me a mail to: 

gilly-bean@hotmail.it wich is my Personal mail (and also the only one I actually check) you can talk to me also on twitter, and I’d love it, but eventually u’re gonna have to send me an email so I can tell you where to send ur stuff!

On that note, I’m italian and I know it’s a loooong way for you US people, but I often mail things there and the stamp isn’t that much! It’s gonna take time to be received though so when You actually send ur letter also write me an email so I know I’m waiting to receive  it!

Hope I was clear but for any question: my email up there, my twitter here: @_GiuliaJules  or the @TeamParrilla1 account I share with @REDHEADisbetter !


I’m gonna use this Tumblr account for Project updates and news, but our personal Tumblr are http://quaderni.tumblr.com/ (that’s mine, Giulia) and http://redheadisbetter.tumblr.com/ (Francesca’s)


Obviously I don’t need to say: do not be a creepy fan, and Do not say anything abt this to Lana! I really hope I’ll be able to keep this a surprise until the very end! 


Hope you join! 

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